13th Street Cocktails

We are a unique purveyor of fine beverages. Our process is tailored to each client. Everything is homemade; from our tonic water and ginger beer to custom cocktails. We supply exotic hardwood bars, trailer bars and above all, unparalleled experiences.

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What We Do

Imagine if you would: a cozy bar. It’s a neighborhood spot, always filled with high-spirited locals and kindly regulars who clamber atop bar stools to order their usual tipple. Lively chatter about the week’s events bounces off the bar top like rain on a slate roof. Bartenders warmly check on guests, inquiring about their weekend plans or perhaps just asking if they’d like another Old Fashioned. They make a devastatingly good Old Fashioned. Well, it’s probably just a really, really good Old Fashioned by most standards, but delivered with that level of service and sipped in that atmosphere elevate its status.

In a small Philadelphia apartment, we started 13th Street Cocktail Catering with that little bar in mind. To be honest, though, it’s tough to think of ourselves as simply “caterers.” We tend instead to consider ourselves “fortunate souls who get to bring the friendly, neighborhood cocktail bar experience on the open road.” We’re not out to just serve your guests - we’re intent on ensuring that they truly enjoy themselves at your event. Our beverages are all created from freshly squeezed citrus and vegetables. While we take pride in what goes in the glass, it is what goes on around the glass that is far more important to us and, we hope, to you as well.

Where to Find Us

Phone: 305-742-9177

Website: 13th Street Cocktails
Email: 13thstreetcocktails@gmail.com

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What people are saying

AMAZING experience with 13th street for our recent wedding. The cocktails were unbelievable, and working with Aaron was such a pleasant and fun experience (which was welcome in the haze of wedding planning). Our guests and family members flooded us with positive feedback regarding the bar and our whiskey tasting station. I can't say enough good things about this company and the service provided! I would highly recommend!


Thank you to Aaron and his staff at 13th Street Cocktails for making our wedding day so special and memorable! Aaron was lots of fun to work with and helped us chose delicious signature drinks that our wedding guests loved! Everyone loved the freshness of the ingredients and the taste! The presentation is beautiful and the staff is so friendly and fun! They even walked around during dinner offering our guests beer or wine so they didn't have to get up during their meal! Great working with you guys and hope to see you at events in the future!


Aaron and 13th Street Team made our dream wedding come to life. Building their bars on-site to make sure their decor fit our vision & venue perfectly. Now onto the drinks... can I please have a keg of El Pepino in my fridge? They were magnificent. Farm to TAP was the perfect complement to our wedding on a local farm, and even steadfast wine or beer drinkers couldn't get enough of their handcrafted cocktails. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Aaron and his team were absolutely phenomenal and were a huge part of making our wedding so perfect! From the beginning of the process with Aaron, he was so helpful with providing suggestions & answers to any questions we had (and the cocktail tasting is so much fun!!) Everyone at the wedding raved about the drinks and their unbelievably cool bar setups. I'm still getting countless texts weeks later asking all about 13th Street cocktails! We truly feel that hiring Aaron & the 13th street team made our wedding complete. Our goal was to create a huge party and that vision was executed perfectly! Cannot recommend Aaron enough for your wedding- he will go above and beyond to make it your best day ever!!! THANK YOU!!!!


Ok this is a MUST if you want your day to be the BEST ever and your guest to nonstop brag days/weeks/months/ years later. It’s the perfect touch. EVERY SINGLE GUEST RAVED!!!!!! Multiple people came to me, texted me days after still telling me how awesome the drinks were, etc. Like if that doesn’t tell you something idk what will. Aaron was awesome. Soooooo easy to work with. All my emails were answered right away. Made every single step STRESS FREE!!!! Instantly made us laugh and feel like we made the absolute right choice at our tasting. He was easily one of my FAVORITE parts. The drinks… ohhhhh myyyy godddd. Amazing. Like I still don’t know how he does it. The tonic was incredible - drinks on tap to dieeeeeeeee for. We did cocktails and tonic on tap then a full bar – liquor beers champ wine etc - The bar, presentation, every detail.. 5 stars. I felt like the coolest host with them there. I really feel like guests come to weddings for the open bar/cocktails/drinks… trust meeeeee -- this is the WAY to go.. Seriously… you will regret not doing this. Aaron thank you so much for everything on 11.25.17 - you were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I can’t give you enough compliments. Your great - Thank youuuu!

Tara and Rob