Aisle Talk

AisleTalk is a boutique therapy practice that specializes in helping brides, grooms, and couples deal with wedding planning stress by matching clients with a licensed therapist to help them through the process.

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What We Do

It's no secret that the days leading up to your 'big day' can be some of the most challenging. Despite the excitement of 'I do's' and 'something blues,' planning a wedding or commitment ceremony can bring up many stressors that distract from your happiness leading up to this important milestone.

Working with a therapist regularly during the planning process can provide the space and opportunity to process and work through aspects of your wedding that are stressing you out. You can do this individually, with your partner, or family member/members.

Whether it's bridesmaids, budgets, or bands - no stress is too big or small to work out during your AisleTalk session. Some of the common concerns we look at include:

  • finances and budgeting
  • family stress
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • balancing family expectations and opinions
  • anxiety
  • depressed mood
  • decision making difficulty
  • introducing two sets of families and friends
  • crossing cultures and religions
  • relationship/partnership stress
  • generalized premarital counseling
  • coping with body image concerns or low self esteem
  • time management and competing responsibilities


Wedding therapist reveals the top causes of stress for brides-to-be - and shares expert tips for how to avoid ALL the drama and just enjoy the big day

Where to Find Us

Phone: 917-524-9031

Website: Aisle Talk

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What people are saying

Landis is the perfect synergy of professionalism and warmth: she has a keen sense of understanding the dynamics of peoples' lives and working through complex situations, all the while making you feel relaxed and at ease. She also makes each person feel valued and respected, and I believe this is because of her deep-rooted compassion for others and passion for the work she does. While wedding planning can be a serious undertaking that involves finances and family, stress and self-esteem, Landis is able to gracefully balance this with warmth and humor. After seeing Landis, I always leave the room feeling a little brighter.


“When I first got engaged (and even leading up to it) I was super excited, but completely overwhelmed. The anticipation of such a big life event, and all that comes with it, can be a lot to take in, especially for people like me that don't do well with change. AisleTalk is a great resource to help brides navigate these new feelings and come up with strategies so you can be (and feel like) your best self on your wedding day and beyond.


Landis is fantastic. Patient, calm, clear headed, and most importantly she actually LISTENS. She’s been a tremendous help, providing the objective, practical advice needed as I was planning my wedding. Thank you, Landis!


I'm so inspired by AisleTalk and Landis is a delight! Landis is an incredible listener with a gentle and wise approach to people and families. Her guidance and support has been a total blessing in my life.


I was introduced to Landis a few years ago when I moved to New York City. After uprooting my life and leaving my family a few thousand miles away, it was such a relief to meet Landis. She is one of the kindest, most generous people I know, and every time I'm with her it feels like home. Recently, I relied on Landis for some life advice and after speaking with her, I felt clear-headed and, most importantly, heard. I was able to move forward from the conversation with confidence and a purpose. I'm lucky to have Landis in my life!


Landis is so easy to talk to and after you do, you will always feel more confident, positive and balanced! She is an amazing listener who is so caring and makes you feel extremely supported. Landis has helped me through many life events - good and bad. I recently got engaged and Landis has been there to help me navigate the world as a bride with her advice, words of encouragement and compassion.