Black Lapel

Black Lapel is a custom, made-to-measure menswear company specializing in wedding suits and tuxedos! Get a flawless fit with the help of our dedicated concierge and our white glove service!

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What We Do

So much begins with dressing better. When you dress better, you feel better. Feel better, and you’re empowered to become better.

Men deserve better. When our forefathers needed clothes they went to a tailor to have something made. Those tailors were artisans, and our forefathers were patrons of the art of hand-crafted clothing.

Black Lapel is reviving and updating this tradition and making custom tailored clothing available to all online.

Where to Find Us

10 E 38th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 646-576-6560

Website: Black Lapel

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What people are saying

First off, I want to say the service I received at Black Lapel from Molly on a Sunday morning in the showroom was absolutely fantastic. I spent well over an hour with her discussing my needs, tastes, concerns, and getting fitted. She was very attentive and she made my time with her a breeze. She measured and measured me - often double or triple measuring sections of my body. I am 6'3" and 145 lbs. I have always had trouble with clothes fitting right and I was initially nervous about dropping a good amount of coin on custom clothing. However, she did an outstanding job and my suit came in fitting perfectly. The suit is an absolute show-stopper and carries my own personal flair. It is a beautiful garment and I could not be happier with the service at this establishment. On top of that, the quality is top notch. This suit is unlike any other I have worn and I will certainly be returning to purchase more clothing in the future. Nothing but great, great things to say here. *Firm handshakes*

Jason M.

I don't have a Yelp account so I'm using my fiancée since I really wanted to show my gratitude toward black lapel. I happened to be in nyc for training so I went in in person and had my measurements taken. It was a pleasure working with Chris, he has great style and really put me in a suit that was my style but also added some much appreciated flare. He helped me pick out a suit that fit my style but also added some touches that I never would have thought I would love. An example. I wanted a blue suit but he had me look at this orange for the inner lining that just worked for my taste. I would describe my style is pretty modern but not too overboard in the trendiness. He was able tow all the fine line of being modern and trendy but not taking it too far. All in all I would highly recommend the company. In the end the suit needed some slight tweaks but I took it to my tailor, had the minor changes fixed, black lapel refunded me the cost and also updated my profile. Also while at the tailor, a random guy asked where I bought my suit, thought that was pretty cool. I really look forward to purchasing from the company again.

Jeff T.

I have 2 suits and love them both. They fit perfectly!! I will be ordering more in the future.

Terry B.

I now have ~15 shirts, 6 suits, 2 blazers and an overcoat from Black Lapel. They're great. I've been a customer for about two years and I wear the clothes daily to work. The quality of both the materials and the tailoring is exceptional; none of the clothes are showing any wear and tear. The customer service is exceptional. I've been working with Chris C. since the very beginning and I consider him a friend at this point. In fact, on my first visit to the showroom, I'd had a very long day and Chris stepped away for a moment and came back with a glass of brown liquid. To this day when I order new clothes, I have them delivered to the showroom, as it gives me a reason to stop in and chat with Chris and to see what new products Black Lapel has on the floor. Chris has also helped me with style tips and his attention to detail is far greater than mine - he has suggested slight alterations to clothes that fit well to my eye. In the end, you get clothes that are tailor made for you, that are high quality for less than a poorly fitting off the rack suit from Bloomingdales or Saks or Hugo Boss would cost. This is a no brainer. The other thing I love is the seasonal changes to the products and the limited edition product that Black Lapel has in periodically - I purchased an amazing tan summer suit earlier this year and I'm eyeing the dark green cashmere overcoat right now. Long story short, if you want to look good, you enjoy top notch customer service and you enjoy building relationships and making new friends, this is the place to go.

Tim L.