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What We Do

Who is Black Raven Imagery, llc? Black Raven is Torri. Having worked for others from 2006 – 2016 I have learned many things, from posing and lighting to how not to run my business and treat my clients. I have 3 daughters and know I will have to go through this craziness at some point.

My clients and potential clients get treated the way I want someone to eventually treat my girls – with respect, manners and love. Yes, love!

You must have chemistry with your photographer/videographer. Without it there will be a disconnect. They should feel like an old friend. When I find it missing with potential clients, I will turn them away (and help them find another photographer). The chemistry must work for me too, I need to “fall in love” with my couple.
Photography is my outlet in my life. Having ADHD makes it hard to stick with one thing…weddings although they go through the same basic motions, the people and places make each one a new experience for me. And that is something I truly love.
I am sarcastic, silly, curse like a sailor (I try hard not to on the wedding day), drink coffee & beer, wear chucks (all-stars for you younglings), change my hair color often, can never take the same image twice, and love to see my couples smile. On the wedding day I am always calm, cool and collected no matter what is going on or how people are acting. That may be why in all this time there is not a single negative review of me out there (at least that I know of).

So, if you are looking for a stuffy, serious, uptight person I am not for you. If you want a chuck lovin, sarcastic, coffee drinking, who is silly & a talented photographer then we just may be the right match!

Where to Find Us

Phone: 973-459-2982


What people are saying

Torri was my photographer for my October wedding and she was FABULOUS!!!!!!! Her personality and ability to photograph go hand in hand!!!! We had a lot of fun with her and would recommend her and we will defiantly use her again :) She dressed the part as well with cowboy boots :) Torri and Mike took our photos and I couldn't be any happier. I loved the different ideas Torri came up with. I didn't want the pictures to be too poesy and she respected my wishes and took amazing photos of us and our family. She even helped move the reception along. She was AWESOME!!!

Cassie and Todd

Having Torri was just amazing! she was always happy, available and approachable. More than that, she was like another family member. I've been married forty years and been to many...many weddings. No photographer even comes close to her level of engagement and personability. she made a fabulous occasion even better and more memorable!


My husband and I can't even begin to explain how amazing Torri and Elisa were on our wedding day, August 4, 2013. We feel like they're part of our family!! We had so much fun spending the wedding day with them! They made it fun and relaxing. I was never anxious because I knew they would be there to help in any way they could! They blended so well with our other vendors and our family and friends loved them! Torri was so communicative through out the process of planning the wedding, which made the day seamless! Thank you Torri and Elisa for everything! We miss you already!!


Torri Ostrander-Koppenaal was my wedding photographer this past July. My husband Eric and I could not possibly express how amazing she was throughout our entire journey! From the engagement pictures to the reception, Torri was absolutely on top of everything, and it was nice to have a vendor that I knew I did not have to worry about at all! In the months before the wedding, Torri really took the time to get to know us and figure out what we wanted our wedding to be, and she was open to every suggestion we made while offering some great advice about things I never even thought about along the way. A few nights before our wedding, she called me and walked me through every moment of the following day. She went over a timeline for pictures including when different members of the wedding party should be there, she double checked all of the other details such as when other vendors would be there and how she would work with them, and literally walked me through every moment. Additionally, she was the ONLY vendor who took the time to talk to me about how I was feeling! She asked if I was having fun staying with my nephews (the ring bearers), and how our pet was doing while his mom and dad were away getting married. After having to deal with so many last minute issues with almost every other one of my vendors, Torri really got me to relax and remember how fun the day was actually going to be! Pictures on that day went flawlessly! Torri captured every second, and really knew how to coordinate with us during the reception so we could go out and grab some sunset pictures without missing any of the fun. She stayed later than she was required to because she knew we had something special planned for our last dance and at the end of the day had taken THOUSANDS of pictures! We had more amazing wedding photos to choose from than anyone else we know! We could not be more thankful for everything Torri did for us, and she'll always remain a good friend of ours. I can promise you that with her as your photographer, your wedding will even more special! Best wishes for your wedding!

Ciera and Eric

Torri did our engagement photos and our wedding in March. The photos for both were everything I could've hoped for and we couldn't be more satisfied! Not to mention that we ended up having a snowstorm o the first day of spring and Torri did whatever she could to make sure we got the pictures we wanted. She was so much more than a photographer too, she was there for every question and last minute advice I could have needed. Looking forward to having her do our newborn photo shoot in a few months! Highly recommend her!


Torri worked very diligently not only with me and my husband but also with our entire family to make sure everything went smoothly and that we not only go the shots we wanted of us but also of our families and friends, she went above and beyond to just simply make sure I had everything that I wanted at the end of my day before she was closing out and took the time to take more pictures. Not only did she give us a great product at the end of the day, but she also kept me level headed and calm, as us brides know things can get off track or chaos can occur with timing or family members. Torri made sure that I stayed calm and had the best day of my life! She thought of details that I feel would have gotten overlooked by other people and made sure we were getting the best picture each time. Torri even made sure that I was looking pretty at all times by being thoughtful enough that when I was getting more sweaty towards the end of the night to bring over a cold wet napkin to stay cool! She truly went above and beyond and gave us the best photographs that Josh and I will forever have in our keep sake! Thank you Torri~

Josh and Amanda