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Every woman has a definition of what they want and what looks good on them on their wedding day. Lauren Messano of Buff Brides developed a system to help reach those goals! Each session is tailored to empower brides and get them ready for their big day! Buff is beautiful!

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What We Do

  • Every woman has a different definition of what they want, how they want it and what looks good on them. Lauren Messano of Buff Bride and Buff Beauties have developed a proven system to help reach those goals! Every session is tailored to empower women and to get you comfortable in the weight room lifting weights with the “boys!”. Buff is Beautiful!

A NOTE FROM LAUREN: As a certified personal trainer, it is my obligation to educate and teach my clients the proper way to train to get the absolute most optimal results. I place vast importance on “core” in my training programs. Having core strength is more than just having a flat stomach, it is about having a strong foundation and being able to handle daily tasks without getting injured. I have put together a program that will help build-up a strong core, which in turn, will get your entire body in the best shape ever. Trusting me as your fitness coach is your first step. I will guide you every step of the way; it’s a journey, and I will be right by your side.To make it convenient for you, I have designed a program that doesn’t require a gym, just a few dumbbells, a positive attitude, and I can give you the best and most effective workout you will ever have. Whether we train in-home, a park, or on the beach, I will work the entire body to give you those sculpted arms and shoulders, elegant neckline, flat stomach, and firm buttocks and thighs. Whether we have 3 months, 6 months or more, we will give you that dream body for your wedding day.

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What people are saying

Lauren was recommended to me by a mutual friend. I really wanted to get into the best shape I possibly could for my wedding and I saw her page and the results she was driving out of her clients and I just knew I was making the right choice!! I was always athletic and "in shape" but I really wanted to slim down, which Lauren helped me do! I have been going to Lauren for 4 months now and I have lost almost 15 lbs and several inches all over! Trust her process, you won't be sorry! Her workouts are challenging and she keeps you on track toward your personal goals. I could not be happier with the results I am seeing and will continue to see! My wedding was last weekend and I looked and felt AMAZING thanks to Lauren!! She is the BEST!! highly recommend!! I cannot thank her enough!! I cannot wait to continue as a buff beauty!!

Randi B.

Lauren is amazing. I went to her 6 weeks before my wedding date with a goal and we reached it!! She is very personal and puts you first in all the workouts! She is the best! I have dreamed of my wedding day for a long time and she helped me feel gorgeous!!


I came across Buff Brides on instagram a few month ago and I was looking for that extra push to get where I wanted to be for my wedding. I was a little nervous at first because I had never gone to a trainer before and just started working out this past year but I immediately felt at ease after contacting Lauren. Her positive attitude is so contagious and she really makes working out so fun! She has completely transformed my work outs and my body in these past few months! I cannot thank her enough! She even got me to eat veggies after 27 years of boycotting them. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer! I promise you won't regret it!

Alyssa C.

I've been working out for years and consider myself to be very hard working and dedicated to my daily workouts. With that being said, I haven't seen the results that I've been looking for since before I had my two children. I was skeptical upon meeting Lauren but instantly I knew this lady was going to change me for that better. She gave me at home workouts, plus a meal plan that is TOTALLY doable for anyone. We met once a week and they were the best workouts I've had in years. I saw results quicker and her workouts for me were designed perfectly for my targeted areas. I looked forward to seeing her every week as we would have so much fun throughout my training. I highly recommend Lauren...there's nothing not to love about her!

Leigh K.

I came to Lauren with the goal to get lean and toned before my wedding. She put me to work right away giving me at-home work outs and a meal plan to follow. I met with her once a week commuting from the city and it was worth the trip down, because she made our workouts fun and funny! Lauren finds a way to keep you laughing while you sweat :) I felt so confident on my wedding day and people definitely noticed and complimented the shape I was in! Highly recommend going to see Lauren as she will keep you motivated and hold you accountable!

Casey G.