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Let's get this party started! We like to keep it real & our weddings focus on client love stories and personal touches.

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What We Do

Feather + Rock Events is made up of a creative team of lady bosses. We live and breathe planning & design for weddings and all the special celebrations in our clients life! We are located in Central New Jersey, which allows us to cover all of NJ | NY | PA and beyond - we are happy to travel if needed! Collectively, we are:

  • Event planners + stylists
  • Behind-the-scene-queens
  • Note takers + doodlers
  • Social media junkies
  • Idea collectors + trend-spotters
  • Dreamers + free-spirited creators
  • Budget + list makers
  • Coffee + wine drinkers

We believe that each couple is as unique as their love story and we place a high value on connecting with our clients to really understand their specific needs. Our mission is to provide the highest standard of customized support and we tailor our services to allow couples to fully enjoy the process of planning + designing their wedding.

Our team can handle everything from invitation design to timeline & budget management, to personalized style + vision boards to overseeing overall flow and running the show on the big day.  With the help of our handpicked network of creative geniuses & amazing vendor friends,  we are able to push the limits o f  "ordinary " designs and we will do whatever it takes to execute the wedding day of your dreams!

Image credits: Lucid Lens, Joy Glenn Photography, Nino Gallego Studios, Imagery by Marianne, and M2 Photography

Where to Find Us

Please call or email for an appointment

Phone: ​908-839-2640

Website: http://www.featherandrockevents.com/
Email: featherandrockevents@gmail.com

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What people are saying

The Feather + Rock team was the biggest part of making our day happen. Together as a team, they’re phenomenal - they talk everything out until they come up with the best possible solution. There was never a time during the entire planning process that we were concerned that it wasn’t going to turn out the way we wanted it to. From start to finish wedding planning was fun and exciting (not at all compared to the way our friends have described their wedding process - thank God). We would not have changed a thing and we have Holly and Mia to thank for that!

Mike and Chelsea

As the mother of the bride I must say that F​+​R​ Events made my daughter's wedding day absolutely beautiful, seamless and stre​s​s​-​free. Emily lived out of state and was going to nursing school. I wanted a team that could work around her schedule and guide her with wedding design. We hired them in the early stages of the planning. They set up appointments, met with the venue, vendors and reviewed all contracts. They even came to rehearsal dinner to walk everyone through the timeline of the big day. As I watched the video a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't help but be so amazed at all the details and planning that took place and not one ounce of work or stress for us! We didn't have to lift a finger just show up and enjoy! If you want to have an amazing designed wedding without any stress then Holly and Mia are the team for you! They took Emily & Steve's vision and Mia brought it to fruition. It was absolutely gorgeous! They allotted the correct amount of time for hair & makeup, pre wedding photography, transportation so day of there were no assumptions or questions of what needed to be done. They handled it! Through the process, they communicated and skyped so Emily could provide her input in all design stages. The day before the wedding there was a small fire at the venue, it was even on the news. Holly & Mia were on top of it, wheels in motion to see if we needed to find a new location. Thankfully, everything was fine but we knew if we needed to make a change this team would make it happen. They are wonderful people to work with and will guide you through the entire process! One day, you will look back at pictures and videos and be so thankful that you spent the money. I know I did! As we watched the video we saw little touches and details that we didn't even think of - but they did! I must say that this was the best wedding planning experience my daughter and I could of ever imagined and the wedding pictures and video make us so thankful we hired Feather ​+​ Rock​ Events​.


We are so thankful that we hired the Feather + Rock events team for full-service planning & design. After booking our ballroom venue with an outdoor ceremony space, we worked with Holly & Mia to create the perfect design layout & event flow. Using their creativity and amazing attention to detail, the F+R team transformed our venue which hosts many weddings each weekend, and even the staff was telling us how unique and beautiful our wedding was! Our friends & family are STILL raving about our wedding!​ ​When it comes to creating your comprehensive wedding-day design, Mia’s work is un-matched. Her talent & thoughtfulness shows in each of her creations. I had a few ideas of my own (from Pinterest) and she helped to make each of them a reality. We ended up saving a ton of money, because Mia would either make the décor herself or find us a vendor at a reasonable cost. Throughout the design process, she would send us emails for input (with questions like “which do you like better a, b, c or none of the above”), she was never pushy and always listened to our thoughts and opinions. If there was something we wanted, but that was too expensive for our budget, Mia would find a less expensive option or she would talk with Holly and they would work together to tweak the budget to make it work. Holly & Mia’s teamwork really sets them apart and they truly do whatever they can to make your wedding day stress-free & special.​ ​The day of our wedding, everything flowed seamlessly. The F+R team was able to repurpose flowers & decor from the ceremony to the reception, which saved us quite a bit of money (and we never noticed the team moving it!) Mia’s vision & Holly’s follow thru is a truly pure genius! The combination of their creative eye & calm demeanor makes them an essential part of your wedding day!​

Emily and Steven

My husband, Rob and I both work full-time and we really valued the hands-off development, stress-free planning and design services we got from working with the Feather + Rock Events team. We really loved the overall wedding budget tracker that Holly created for us, as it not only gave us an overview of the wedding but kept us in control of our spending. The budget also reminded us of when vendor payments were due, that way there were no surprises! When it came time to selecting the right vendor teams to help with our big day, we really valued that Holly & Mia took the time to understand our styles and overall vision for the day and we were so happy with the suggestions we received from their vendor network. They were also extremely helpful when it came time to negotiate contracts, costs and knowing which vendors provided the best services. Holly stayed in constant communication with all the vendors every step of the way, I couldn’t imagine doing it on our own – not only is it extremely time consuming, but you need someone like Holly who knows the industry and how to best communicate with the vendors. Since we had quite a few vendors involved in our wedding, we had no clue what to tip the day of the wedding so Holly created a “Tip Cheat Sheet” which gave us a good idea of what was appropriate for each vendor. Of course, we gave at our own discretion based on what we could afford but it was a huge help! Whether it was a budget or design update or time to make an overall decision, Holly and Mia made sure to keep us in the loop 100% of the way. Not only did they work around our busy schedules, but they provided updates via email and sent reminders using an online portal, so we were able to easily review & approve documents anywhere at any time! Their level of organization & excitement about making our big day memorable really helped to keep our minds at ease and there was never a doubt that our wedding was in the right hands!

Rob and Shane