Fred Astaire Dance Studio Downtown New York

We would love to help you make your wedding dance beautiful, memorable, enjoyable and completely stress-free! Our names are Artur & Svitlana, Misha & Tanya, we are two married couples from Ukraine who love the tradition of the First Dance!

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What We Do

We know how important your Wedding Day is, and we can help you make it even more special!
At Fred Astaire Dance Studio Downtown New York, our customized Wedding Dance Instruction Program is created just for you, and will give you the confidence and skill to show off your elegance, style – and maybe a little personality! – on the dance floor, on your special day. For that first dance with your new spouse, or for memorable Father / Daughter and Mother / Son dances, you’ll amaze your family and friends with your new-found skills, and enjoy a magical moment that will be with you for the rest of your lives! In just a short amount of time, our certified Dance Instructors can help you learn a few basic steps or, if you have more time, choreograph the whole dance with you! Whether you want just a few steps to get by, or are looking to create “YouTube-worthy” choreographed dances for the entire wedding party, we’re here for you! This is also a great way to have fun and relax, before and after the Big Day. Enjoying time together while learning how to dance is a great hobby for any couple to share. Your first dance is such an everlasting expression of love and commitment.

Where to Find Us

291 Broadway
New York, NY 10007
Phone: 212-267-9500

Website: Fred Astaire Dance - Downtown New York

What people are saying

Absolutely loved my lessons! My wife and I signed up to learn some moves for our wedding dance and we walked away with a great routine, rumba salsa cha cha and swing, and a great new dance family! Tonya, Misha, Sveta, and Artur, were so welcoming and nice to us. Tonya was our instructor but also so much more! It was like she knew who we were just based on how we danced. It was more than dance lessons, it was couples therapy! Tonya was so amazing at teaching us as a same sex couple too. We learned moves where we both lead and change leads. Neither one of us felt like "the boy" or "the groom" it was completely neutral feeling and was so much fun. I recommend this to all engaged couples and couples who want to try something different together. You'll both come out of your shells and feel like you really accomplished something. You'll also feel confident at any wedding or party because you'll be able to dance to ANYTHING and look cool doing it!! LOVE THIS PLACE AND THE INSTRUCTORS SO MUCH!!

Ashlee C.

Friendly, professional, helpful, generous, cheerful, precise, knowledgeable, graceful, energetic team of dancers providing excellent lessons and exercises to improve one's dancing technique rapidly.

Alison R.

Amazing!!! My fiancé and I realized about 10 days before our wedding that we really kind of stink at dancing. So with a long weekend ahead I decided to Google classes to see if we could squeeze one in before our wedding. I contacted Fred Astaire and they were so nice right off the bat. We came in on a Saturday morning for a lesson. We honestly had so much fun. My football loving fiancé found himself wanting to dance the rest of the weekend. We ended up signing up for 1 more class on Sunday and we learned a 1:45 dance to our first song! It was really fun, such a great instructor- Artur, and just really positive experience. If we had had more time before our wedding we would have gone to more classes. But I would definitely return just for some fun. Best wishes to the owners of this new studio. I really couldn't recommend this place more!

Liz B.

hese four talented, warm, delightful, energetic people run the best ballroom dance studio ever! They know how to teach all individuals. Kudos to them and their great new studio. Much success to them. It's a fun and very worthwhile experience!

Georgia S.

Very professional and flexible, lots of fun, and hosted a little champagne toast after our city hall ceremony.

Conrad O.