The Good Donut Shop

The Good Donut Shop prepares miniature donuts on-location, and serves them fresh, warm, and with elegant and unexpected toppings.

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What We Do

The Good Donut Shop prepares miniature donuts on-location, with a tasteful and portable electric fryer
and a clean and classic aesthetic. Served hot and fresh for each guest, Good Donuts are made-to-order
and adorned with a variety of elegant and unexpected toppings. The Good Donut Shop is available to
cater engagement parties and weddings and is appropriate for cocktail hour, dessert hour, and a
farewell gift to guests. Great Weddings Need Good Donuts.

Where to Find Us

Phone: 908.801.6024


What people are saying

“Great people, great donuts, and happy bellies. Little rings of magic covered in awesomeness


These are THE best donuts I have ever had! They were so soft and tasty! They weren't sticky and melted in my mouth!


“Had the pleasure of enjoying these amazing donuts at a Cypress Brewing Can Release. The flavors (including several Cypress brews) are wonderfully incorporated into the donut. Highly recommend!”


These were amazing! Had them at the Monmouth Park BBQ & Craft Beer Festival. Kept going back for more- and the nicest people!”