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What We Do

Since our start up in 2009, our staff has filmed hundreds of weddings all over the United States! We are a small team based in New Jersey that has had opportunities to film weddings all the way to California! We pride ourselves on intimacy; capturing those small moments like the giggles and the trembles, the silly faces, and the newly experienced moments between a bride and groom. Our quality has not only perfected over the years, but grown to be one of the most affordable and innovative videography companies because of our passion in this industry. We focus on only videography, not an all-in-one bundle package- we strive to be the best in our field so we prioritize our products and couples so they get the best for what they pay for. We aren't trying to sell you three mediocre products when we can give you the best single-standing product that's in your budget! I'm mean... would you really buy a cupcake from a hotdog stand?

Where to Find Us

Phone: 732-585-2075


What people are saying

I received the love story video and I got the DVD in the mail the other day. It's all breathtaking!! I still cry tears of joy when I watch both videos . . . I watched them each about 1000 times already. The music and the way it was edited was better than anything I could have imagined. You were even able to make our dance look flawless. I LOVE IT!!! Having this wonderful video footage of our wedding put together so perfectly is truly PRICELESS to me. I just want to say a big thank you to all who had a hand in filming and putting together my love story video and wedding hightlights video. You guys are awesome!! Also, the shadowbox was such a lovely touch. I was so happy when I opened it!


I had found David from a video my wedding planner had shared and I have been grateful from day one. David has done a phenomenal job with our special day. And, I'm VERY happy with everything he has done <3 <3 You will not be disappointed and I highly recommend him to any bride/groom to be or for any event.


I can't thank the team at Jersey Videos enough for the INCREDIBLE job they did capturing the most important day of our lives! They captured everything we asked for. I'm a very picky bride and was very specific about what I wanted, but David and his team went above and beyond, I didn't have to worry about a thing and was left speechless when I saw our video. I still can't stop watching it. My husband and I really are blessed that we were able to find them. They do phenomenal work at such a reasonable price. Jersey Videos reall can't be beat!


Responded in a timely manner and knew just what I was looking for. Great pricing and overall excellent quality of workmanship. Lastly, the same day exit was awesome. I got to share my memories with my friends and family who weren't able to attend. I highly recommend Jersey Videos for any family party, wedding love story or business promotions you may have.