A ManServant® is a gentleman sent to treat women like queens

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What We Do

What's a ManServant? A Man, But Better

A ManServant® is a gentleman sent to treat women like queens. Part party entertainer, part doting butler, he’ll entertain, pamper and anticipate your every need—all with his tuxedo on. He’s the life of the party while making the ladies the stars of the show.

Available in New York, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs, ManServants is the perfect gift to shower a friend with adoration. Whether it’s a birthday, bachelorette, girls’ night out, or office party, there’s always a good reason to have a ManServant around. 

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What people are saying

What did you like about your Manservant: EVERYTHING! They were phenomenal. They walked in and took immediate control ensuring that no one felt any awkwardness whatsoever. The bride had NO clue they were coming, so I think she was a bit nervous at first, but once she realized what was going on, she loved it. They were extremely punctual - arriving a minute or two early, which I appreciated. They were not only stunningly beautiful men, but they were kind and thoughtful and sweet to all of us. They made drinks, joined our epic dance party/sing-along, took group photos, etc. After they left, we couldn't stop talking about how amazing they were and how much everyone was obsessed with the concept. My friend is going thru a bit of a hard time right now - at the same time that she's preparing for what should be the happiest day of her life, her mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer. So needless to say, she's a bit emotional right now. These gentlemen were so incredibly lovely and they helped her to forget about all of that for a few hours. I will recommend this service to everyone


What did you like about your ManServant: We were blown away. Our ManServant was such a dream come true. Very handsome, accommodating, sweet, funny, charming, a great listener, and willing to help with anything we asked. The ladies were head over heels for him and just loved chatting with him.


What did you like about your ManServant: Oh my goodness, his personality was A-MAZING!!!!!!!!! Yes, of course he was easy on the eyes, but we wouldn't have had such a great time if it wasn't for his friendly qualities. He served us drinks, he served us our lunch AND he cleaned up after all was done. THAT was a huge plus. Amazing guy 100%. We all want to use him specifically, soon!