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McKay Imaging is a husband + wife owned boutique photography studio. Bob + Liz embrace a shared love of photography and a passion for weddings and in doing so, portray the unique qualities of each wedding in beautiful, classic wedding photographs!

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What We Do


Modern • Classic • Timeless

We are Robert McKay and Elisabeth Koch-McKay, a collaborative husband and wife photography team. Each and every day, we wake up together, drive to work together, and spend the rest of the day living out our dream, doing a job that we love, working both at home and at McKay Imaging Photography Studio in Red Bank, New Jersey; our home away from home. Our work days together are full of exciting challenges and interesting people. We feel very, very lucky!

Photography is more than just a job for us; in many ways, it defines who we are. If you get a chance to look at the images on our website, we hope that you can plainly feel how much photography means to us. Our love of both photography and of people allows us to build the relationships with our couples that made the images that you see there possible. Our natural and light-hearted approach wedding photography puts people at ease, which in turn allows for amazing results!

We photographed our first wedding together, purely for fun, in 1995! Our friend told us that we were welcome to take some pictures at his wedding as long as we “stayed out of the photographer's way”… which we did! That couple ended up making their wedding album from our photos and ever since that day, there has been no turning back. Today, after having photographed hundreds of weddings together over so many years, we feel so very comfortable on any wedding day. We think that level of experience is priceless to a bride and groom, not only on the big day but in the planning stages as well. We look forward to the possibility of helping you to plan and photograph your wedding too! We hope to hear from you soon…

Bob + Liz McKay

Two Photographers • Two Views • One Vision

Where to Find Us

12 Monmouth Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701
Phone: 732-842-2272

Website: McKay Imaging

What people are saying

My husband and I were married in early December of 2017. When we started our wedding planning, one of the first vendors we met with was Liz and Bob. An initial informal meeting of just "shopping around," turned into an instant bond that would carry throughout the next 14 months. First and foremost, Bob and Liz are the nicest and most relaxed couple to work with. They made my husband and me feel completely at ease through the whole process. Both of us had never been professionally photographed, so we decided to practice with our engagement shoot with them. They made the entire process fun and easy (laughing the whole time even on a cool early spring day at the beach). From that point until our wedding day, Bob and Liz were on point with all our meetings and any reminders, and most importantly, were there to support us as a couple. They took their work above and beyond just our photographers; they became our friends. Our wedding day was nothing short of amazing (as all brides would most likely say). Bob and Liz made sure we enjoyed our day, and stay at ease! We never felt like we missed out on anything because we were taking photos. In fact our photos in the park were one of the nicest parts of our day! They captured some of the most romantic moments as our first photos as husband and wife (and again, made us laugh the whole time.) We can not thank Bob and Liz enough; I hope this review will help a future bride make the right choice!!

Sarah and Dan

Bob and Liz are absolutely fantastic. They were extremely easy to work with and have a ton of experience to bring to not only the photography of the wedding, but the wedding as a whole. They gave us tons of great advice. For someone like me who isn't totally comfortable in front of the camera, they really made me feel at ease. They were champs throughout the entire wedding night, dealing with my giant family and all their crazy group photo requests, and one of them was always there to capture the moment (one of the reasons we went with them, I knew I needed a second shooter.) Highly recommended!

Mary Kate and John

I highly recommend McKay Imaging to all future brides! I booked Bob and Liz for our wedding after seeing them in action at my best friends wedding and was so impressed with how they were able to capture the most amazing photographs of their day, without being intrusive at all! As a husband and wife photography team, they function as an amazing team. On the day of our wedding Liz was able to capture getting ready pictures of myself and bridesmaids, while Bob went with the guys to picture them getting ready. They were so nice to work with and make you feel so relaxed and natural while taking pictures. They were not intrusive at all and completely blended in at our wedding, however the pictures that they took came out absolutely amazing and I was able to see even the small details that I missed on my wedding day. We got over 2,000 photos of our wedding day both on a flash drive and in 4x6 prints, as well as a small album that they surprised us with of their favorite pictures from our wedding day. I cannot recommend McKay Imaging highly enough and would give them 5+ stars if I could!

Katherine and Lucas

We cannot say enough to express how wonderful our experience was working with Liz and Bob on our wedding day! The photos that they captured are absolutely breathtaking and they were able to capture the feeling of each moment. Our wedding morning was a bit stressful and way behind schedule, but Liz and Bob did not make us feel rushed or stressed as I am sure they were. Instead, we floated through our wedding day enjoying each moment with them, alongside our family and friends, capturing each moment. It is wonderful to have a husband and wife team because you have two sets of eyes, but they are still able to work together so flawlessly. We cannot wait to see all of the pictures from our wedding and treasure them forever.

Bridget and Justin

Bob and Liz photographed my wedding in November 2014, and I wish there was a word for the way I feel about how truly beautiful our photos are. We picked them up this past Saturday, and I have not been able to stop looking at them, thinking about them, or hearing about them from others who have seen them. From the very beginning, the McKays offered guidance and support for all wedding-related plans, and Liz even helped me tweak our "day-of" schedule, up until the day before the wedding. Their flexibility and proactivity helped make our day go off without a hitch! In the last few weeks, I have tried to imagine what the pictures would be like, but was also a little worried because both Bob's and Liz's presence at our wedding was not overwhelming. My husband and I were even trying to remember seeing them buzzing around, but the day is a big blur. I swear, they are both super heroes, and their super powers are stealth movements and sharp eyes- maybe even invisibility! What I mean to say is, the photos are breathtaking. I am at a loss. Bob and Liz were able to perfectly capture so many emotions and so many hundreds of special moments and I didn't even notice it as they quickly and seamlessly navigated through the ceremony and reception space! There are almost no pictures of me making weird faces, as I am known to do in candid shots, and My husband does not look at all like a menace to society (which he almost always does in pictures)! I am in awe of Bob and Liz, both are magic photo genies. They were able to be everywhere during the day in such a fluid presence, and I will forever be grateful for the outstanding images of our most special day. Now the hard part: picking images for our album! I would absolutely, without any shadow of a doubt, recommend McKay Imaging for any and all photography needs.

Samantha and Matthew

ex·quis·ite Adjective:Extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate. Noun: A person who is affectedly concerned with appearance. If this is what you are after for your wedding day you will find it in Bob and Liz McKay. When choosing a photographer for our wedding, we were very particular about who we were going to use since this will be a true memory of our day and from our first meeting with the McKay’s, we knew that they were it! The McKay’s just make everything perfect; the pictures speak for themselves. Check out their blog and there will be no question there. If you are concerned about personality don’t be; Bob and Liz just make you feel as if they are your family, not ever getting in your way on your special but crazy day, they have a way of making it seem like they’re not even there. I will forever be grateful of Bob and Liz for capturing every moment of the most important day of our lives so beautifully. If you are looking for the best, it lies within in two of the most talented professionals I know… the McKays!

Victoria and Anthony