Royal Palms Shuffleboard

THE ROYAL PALMS IS A 21+ SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB (NO EXCEPTIONS). We've got 17,000 square feet and 2 full bars.

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What We Do

Fun facts: we've got 17,000 square feet and 2 full bars, it's $40 an hour to play.Everybody gets a complimentary lesson.There are 10 shuffleboard courts up for grabs.

Fun features: DJs, food trucks, board games, you.

Where to Find Us

514 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: 347-223-4410



Monday: 6pm-12am
Tuesday: 6pm-12am
Wednesday: 6pm-12am
Thursday: 6pm-12am
Friday: 6pm-2am
Saturday: 12pm-2am
Sunday: 12pm-10pm

What people are saying

SO many of my friends had never met before, but playing shuffleboard together made it so easy for everybody to get to know each other and bond without it feeling forced.

Morgan F., 28, West Village

I told my friends no strippers, no bride sashes, no pasta-shaped-like-body-parts...instead we got shark suits, giant connect four and lobster rolls. It was PERFECT.

Lane S., 32, Carroll Gardens

Royal Palms is the anti-nightclub nightclub...the music is seriously the BEST in the city and the drinks are surprisingly legit (and STRONG), it's never so loud that you can't have a real conversation, but you can also have a crazy, don't-remember-it-the-next-day-but-I'm-pretty-sure-it-was-the-best-night-of-my-life kind of night. I might've told the DJ that I wanted to marry him after he played Olivia Newton John.

Sarah C., 30, Union Square