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Our set of wine bottle covers is an amazing gift for engagements, bachelorettes, bridal showers, and weddings. Each bottle represents a milestone experienced during the first year of marriage, including: In-Laws Visit, Valentine’s, Dinner Party, New Year’s, Fight, and Anniversary.

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Tipsy Toasts, First Year of Marriage Milestones Wine Bottle Covers is a sentimental and unique gift perfect for bridal showers, bachelorettes, engagement parties & weddings. An extraordinary ‘off the registry’ gift for the bride and groom which celebrates the milestones of the first year of marriage.

Gift Tipsy Toasts Wine Bottle Covers to the happy couple to cover their favorite bottles of wine. Or create a fun gift basket filled with Firsts, which can be enjoyed long after the wedding day is over. Tell the happy couple to toast the Firsts, and enjoy life’s moments together.
Tipsy Toasts wine bottle covers fit easily over standard size 750 ml wine bottles.

Each bottle displays a milestone event that newlyweds experience during their first year of marriage, including: First Visit from the In-Laws, First Valentine’s Day, First New Year, First Fight, First Anniversary, and First Dinner Party.

Our bottle covers are carefully designed to make gifting wine more personal and much more fun. A bottle of red or a bottle of white, these covers will fit your wine just right. Each cover is stylishly designed in black and slides easily over any 750mL bottle of wine. The top is intentionally left open, so you can leave it on the bottle while serving guests, making an excellent conversation piece.

The Tipsy Toasts Cheers to Your First Year of Marriage wine bottle cover set is on sale now for $19.99 and is available for purchase now at

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What people are saying

These wine bottle covers are so much fun! I made a wine basket and covered each bottle as a gift for a bridal shower and they were the hit of the party!

Kate C.

These were a big hit at the bridal shower that I attended, wonderful gift wine covers were perfect this is a fantastic idea!

D. Robinson

It was my best friends wedding and I needed something creative. These wine sleeves work the perfect fit for them. I was able to buy them their favorite wines and also put a few of my favorites for them to try. They loved the gift and they fit the wine bottles perfectly. Don't pass this up if your looking for a unique wedding gift.

Mark A.

Bought to give as a bachlorette gift. It was a big success. They slide right on and were perfect


I hands down loved these!! I got them as a gift for my future husband who loves wine and will combine them with different wines suggested by one of best friend's as a special gift. They are colorful and stretch over wine bottles . I do suggest using standard wine size bottles though. Also will add wine charms for extra cuteness


My friend loved these! She said her and her husband are saps who save all their wine bottles so I couldn't have done better with getting her these. :)