wedwell brings wellness to the wedding industry with digital Bridal Wellness Guides and In-Person Yoga Sessions

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What We Do

wedwell is a wedding wellness company focused on empowering women for modern-day relationships and getting some namaste pre-wedding day.
We offer digital and in-person services for brides-to-be and the wedding party.

wedwell recently launched a Bridal Wellness Guide workbook where brides-to-be can learn how to bring healthy practices and reflection into their engagement. Topics covered include how to protect your energy, yoga poses for confidence, and how to stay (emotionally) healthy during your engagement. In-person services include yoga sessions for the bridal party or bachelorette party, as well as private yoga packages catered towards brides, grooms, and couples.

wedwell donates 10% of profits to nonprofits to end child marriage and promote women’s education.

wedwell is run by co-founders Lilia Karimi and Olivia Hadreas. Lilia and Olivia have been best friends since they started kissing their crushes and growing boobs (okay buying push up bras- thank goodness they’ve evolved past that trend). They parted ways for college and both separately grew to have a passion for yoga, wellness, and business.

When Lilia got engaged this year and Olivia was (obviously) her bridesmaid, Lilia was talking to her about the stresses of planning. The wedding industry places so much pressure on brides and just felt so outdated. Thus, Olivia and Lilia created wedwell. A platform and voice to bring wellness into weddings, and a place to redefine marriage for the modern and independent woman.

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Where to Find Us

Phone: 425-442-2912

Website: Wedwell

10% off our wellness guides with the code "YENW"

What people are saying

One of the things that I think is unique and special about the guide, setting it apart from other “bride to be” type books/guides, is the personal touch that it has. It really focuses on the young bride- on us, and on our mental health. It provides personalized suggestions and tips on how to maintain a strong and calm mindset, with specific details and examples. I love how it gives you opportunity to interact with the guide- kind of like journaling, having the reader question them self and actually fill in the answers. The wedwell guide is the perfect wedding aid combining mental health and physical health, and I would absolutely recommend it to any bride-to-be.