Sometimes, I find people who are so amazingly talented that I can’t wait to share it with everyone! Such is the case with Rosaura Unangst from Pigment and Parchment. Her work is brilliant. She’s done work for Aerin Lauder and been in VOGUE for Sofía Sanchez Barrenechea and Alexandre de Betak’s Wedding). Even if you’re not planning a wedding, take a look at her work. It’s colorful and happy and will bring a smile to your face, I promise! Because we can virtually “meet” people from anywhere in the world with the internet, I wanted to get to know Ro a little more. I emailed her, asked for an interview and thus this blog post was born. Enjoy!

YENW: Please tell us a little about yourself and the genesis of Pigment and Parchment

RO: I’m an artist first and foremost. Pigment & Parchment is my fourth art business I’ve had so I had a lot of practice at working with commissions and clients prior to P&P. I also was a sign artist at Trader Joe’s in college so that taught me a lot about project management & time management. Pigment & Parchment’s inception was in October of 2013 while driving down the California coast on the last leg of our month long honeymoon road trip. I had just done all the wedding stationery for our wedding and I was looking to expand past the portrait business I had been running. It was a natural progression that all makes so much sense in hindsight. 

YENW: What was your first job in high school?

RO: I was a receptionist at a realty company, bussed tables at a taqueria, and painted murals for the families I babysat in high school! I was quite a busy bee.

YENW: Were you lucky enough to have a mentor? If so, please tell us a little about him/her?

RO: I didn’t have any mentor in particular. However, several different niche groups on the internet have brought together makers and artisans in a way that is pure magic and that’s where I’ve found mentorship & been a mentor myself. Lela Barker’s Brick House Branding was one of those groups, another I love is a wedding stationer’s group, and another was a mastermind’s group I started and ran for two years. 

YENW: Best career move?

RO: Going to therapy. I had other art businesses before Pigment & Parchment but was not confident enough to run them successfully. Finding my voice, self-worth, & confidence with guidance & tools from a therapist changed everything about how I ran my business and valued my time. 

YENW: Care to share any career mistakes?

RO: Allowing what other people are doing to take over too much attention. It’s easy with social media to compare myself to other artists & companies too much so I work hard now to not give it space in my brain as much as I used to.

YENW: Words of wisdom for someone just starting out?

RO: Be prepared for unsolicited advice from almost everyone, constantly. Most people are 100% well-meaning, but it can be overwhelming. Learning to trust your gut and know what works best for you may not be what everyone else does and that’s totally fine. Know that your goals don’t have to be the same goals as other entrepreneurs/business owners. The over glorification of being a busy 24/7 hustler who earns six figures within a year is not for everyone.


YENW: What is your favorite thing about being in business for yourself?

RO: Being in business for myself has allowed me to take the best care I can of my mental health and happiness. I get to say when I have spurts of working around the clock and when I need to take time off to regroup and chill out. That is a benefit no company would give me and I appreciate how fortunate I am to have the ability to do that in my life. 

YENW: What do like to do when you’re not working?

RO: I love game nights, musicals, traveling, cooking, laughing with my husband until we’re crying, swimming, gardening, & messing with our fat black cat (Elphaba). 


YENW: Please tell us a random talent or fact about you:

RO: I make awesome tzatziki that will give you garlic breath for a month. 

YENW: Who would play you in the movie of your life?

RO: I wish there were more ‘plus-sized’ Latina actresses for me to pick from! Due to their absence, I’d say America Ferrera. 

Thank you for sharing your time with us, Ro. We can’t wait to see what you do next!

*Please take a look at Pigment and Parchment’s individual resource page on You’re engaged! Now what? 

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