Diana and Ryan

Diana and Ryan kicked off 2018 with their January winter wedding at The Fiesta Banquet Hall in New Jersey. The couple braved the chilly 20-degree weather for their first look, and then warmed up inside with the signing of their custom-made Ketubah by a close friend. They enjoyed a gorgeous dual faith ceremony (Judaism and Presbyterian) where they shared both traditions and sentiments with all their guests. The dance floor opened up immediately with an energetic Horah, with an epic chandelier crash. The party continued well into the evening and even included another brave trip outside with sparklers.

How We Met:

Her Version: I met Ryan at the mall with his best friend our sophomore year of high school and he was so quiet. Barely spoke a word. Then our junior year, we were in math class together. He sat on the opposite side of the classroom. He eventually moved his seat to sit behind me. I may have provoked that but I don’t remember. We were just friends because he had a girlfriend at the time. They broke up and then months later, we became more friendly. By our senior year, we started dating. Fast forward to 2015, when Ryan proposed. He had just come back from boot camp a month before. We went on a hike fourth of July weekend. He asked where I’d rather go, either the lake or to the top. We ended up going to the top and he said he would take a picture with me facing away from the camera. I found out later this is when he was setting up his phone for a video and was getting the ring. Then he said he got it and I turned around when he asked me to marry him.

His Version: We first met through a mutual friend but I was too shy to talk to Diana and she didn’t like me because I wouldn’t talk. I took Diana hiking with the ring in my backpack. We got to the top of the mountain and I told her to stand facing away from me with arms out, that I saw a cool picture like that. She turned around as my hand was in the bag holding the ring. She told me not to push her. Then after she turned back around I pulled the ring out and my phone to record. At first she kind of got mad cuz she thought I was giving her one earring. I stuttered while proposing but she still said yes.

Diana’s Wedding Planning Tip: Don’t wait until last minute even if you have a lot of time!


Photographer: Bri Johnson Weddings
Venue: The Fiesta
Videographer: Montclair Studio
Wedding Hair & Makeup by: Alyssa Shackil
Wedding Cake: Palermos
Bridesmaid Dresses: Azaie

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